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Black/Red tea Brewing Guide

Black teas are fully oxidized and typically come from the sinensis tea variety, classified by its smaller leaf size. While Oolongs and Puer are produced in specified regions, black teas are made in a variety of ways across China, all yielding different results. Black tea is the most commonly consumed tea in the world, although, we think that you may have not tried black tea like ours! These teas have complex flavors such as fermented fruit, Malt, smoke, earth, spices, wood, nuts, metal, citrus, caramel, leather, fresh fruit, sweet and honey. That is just to name a few. If Wuyi Oolong is red wine, and Dan Cong is white… Black tea might be the whiskey of the tea world.


Our black teas, especially the Tong Mu teas, are especially lovely in the autumn and winter seasons. Enjoy with all types of sweets and savory meats.

How to make

Brewing Parameters

Water Temperature- Heat to 100C, then let cool down to 90C by allowing to sit for a minute. (boiling water can also be used!

Teapot or Gaiwan

Small- 90-100cc  Medium- 110-130   Large- 150-175cc

Tong Mu teas- no rinse/wash

Other black teas- 1 second rinse/wash optional

Brewing Method 1

(with brief rinse/wash)

1st infusion- 10 seconds

2nd infusion- 2 seconds

3rd infusion- 10 seconds

4th infusion and on- 15 seconds, add 5 seconds depending on your previous infusion

Brewing Method 2

 (without a rinse/wash)

st infusion 15 seconds

2nd infusion-30 seconds

3rd infusion- 45 seconds

4th infusion- 1:00

5th infusion and on, continue to add 15 seconds to your last infusion or lengthen the time to obtain a stronger brew.

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