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Puerh Brewing Guide

Puerh are fermented teas coming from the Puerh region of Yunnan that offer a variety of unique and interesting flavors. There are two types of Puerh; Sheng (raw) and Shou (cooked). Sheng Puerh is produced so their microbes and enzymes remain active after processing. Given the right conditions, the tea can age and mature over the years, gaining in value and building more complex flavors. Aged Sheng Puerh is highly sought after by tea connoisseurs. Next is Shou Puerh which goes through a simulated aging process by wet piling leaf material and inoculating with certain microbes. 


Our menu is primarily sheng Puerh and mostly younger teas (for now!). For access to some of our older teas, we have a membership that will allow you access to some older teas!


We love Puerh after a heavy or oily meal. It is also nice to enjoy with fruit or other light snacking foods. Some people particularly like smoking after or between drinking Puerh!

How to make

Brewing Parameters

Water Temperature- 100C

Vessel- Teapot or Gaiwan

rinse/wash tea

Loose tea- 1-3 seconds

Loosely compacted - 5 seconds

Medium compacted- 10-20 seconds

Heavy compact- 20=30 seconds 

Pour boiling water over the leaves. 

Fill each cup to warm it and discard this liquid.

Brewing Method 1

1st infusion 5 seconds

2nd infusion-10 seconds

3rd infusion- 15 seconds

4th infusion- 20 seconds

5th infusion and on, continue to add 15 seconds to your last infusion or lengthen the time to obtain a stronger brew.

Brewing Method 2

1st infusion- 15 seconds

2nd infusion- 10 seconds

3rd infusion- 5 seconds

4th infusion and on- continue short 5 second infusions and when you feel the tea is too weak, increase the time by 10-20 seconds to find the balance you like

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