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Green/White tea Brewing Guide

While White and Green teas are different, these pages are together only to save paper :) 


While we consider ourselves to mostly specialize in Oolong and Puer, we also enjoy a nice white or green tea on occasion and we want you to as well.


Green teas are teas that have not gone through the extensive withering and oxidation processes found in other teas. There are many many different kinds of green teas, all having their own unique properties. They are usually processed by drying in a shaded area and then lightly pan fried.


Like Green tea, White tea is a tea that undergoes very little processing. The buds are picked before they have fully opened which allows less time for them to oxidize. They are then dried under the sun and given more time to wither in the shade.

How to make

Brewing Parameters

Brewing Parameters

Water Temperature- 80-100C (depending on your tastes. A lighter, possibly more complex flavor may be found when using cooler water while typically hotter water will bring out more astringency and bitterness, although not always in a negative way. So start by setting the temperature you will infuse at.

GLASS Teapot,  Gaiwan, Glass cup

Small- 90-100cc  Medium- 110-130   Large- 150-175cc

rinse/wash tea- 1 second

Pour boiling water over the leaves and immediately discard into serving cup. Fill each cup to warm it and discard this liquid.

Brewing Method 1

Tea pot or gaiwan

1st infusion 10 seconds

2nd infusion-20 seconds

3rd infusion- 30 seconds

4th infusion- 40 seconds

5th infusion and on, continue to add 0 seconds to your last infusion or lengthen the time to obtain a stronger brew.

Brewing Method 2

Glass cup

1st infusion- 15 seconds

2nd infusion- 10 seconds

3rd infusion- 5 seconds

4th infusion and on- continue short 5 second infusions and when you feel the tea is too weak, increase the time by 10-20 seconds to find the balance you like

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