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A note to our international customers

Thank you for your patience as we finalize the product section of our website.

Due to limitations with the WIX platform, we are not taking orders through this website. Rather, we ask that contact with us via Instagram or by submitting a purchase form (on the right). This ensures that you receive an accurate shipping rate tailored to your order, rather than an arbitrary estimate that likely grossly overcharges you.

When submitting your order (via message or form), give an indication of the items you would like to buy(either by providing links or writing the item name (if it is just a number, also indicated what the item is) and we will contact you soon to confirm availability and  provide the final shipping cost. In the meantime, you can refer to Japan Post (EMS) shipping prices to estimate your package weight.

Example order for submission:

tea 401

tea 211 (x2)

yixing 15

puerh knife 13

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