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2021 小湖斉泉雲南省双江市孟庫貢龍村委員会にある小布斉は、孟庫雪山を背にした村です。小烏犀の地理的位置は、アイスランドの古い村のそれと非常に近いです。似たような香り、甘さ、氷砂糖のような甘さですが、よりコストパフォーマンスの高いお茶です。2021年は大樹の春茶を材料にします。春一番の1芽2葉のお茶の品質は、数十年の歴史を持つ茶師の手によって個人的に監修されています。蒙古山脈の山中にある独立した存在である庄蒙古は、南蒙古川を境にして東部中級と西部中級に分かれています。暁星は西中州に位置し、地理的に優れ、盤馬雪山を背に、独特の味と風格を作り出している。蜜香、甘くて滑らかなスープ、山と野のリズム、甘くて威厳のある味、癒しの喉韻、澄んだ泉が降り注ぐように、深く、遠くまで届く。アミノ酸と芳香物質の含有量が高く、花の香りと蜜のリズム、顔に向かって吹いて、懐かしい山と野の味茶のスープの入り口、春全体が口の中で野の花が次々と咲くように、甘さはさらに 懐かしい氷菓の香りがスープに付いて、厚さは適当、最初の泡から最後の泡に至るまで、。スープは香り豊かでコクがあり、お茶のスープは繊細で甘く、入り口は少し苦いですが すぐに溶けて、体中に水分が行き渡ります。


Xiaohusai, located in the village committee of Mengku Gonglong, Shuangjiang, Yunnan Province, is backed by the Mengku Snow Mountain. The geographical location of Xiaohusai tea is very close to that of the old village in Iceland. Similar aroma, sweetness, rock sugar sweetness but a more cost effective tea. In 2021, we will use big tree spring tea as the material. The quality of tea with one bud and two leaves in the first spring is personally supervised by the hands of several decades-old tea masters. An independent existence in the mountains of Mengku Mountains, sho Mengku is bounded by the Nanmeng River, and is divided into the East Mid-level and the West Mid-level. Xiaohusai is located in the Western Mid-level with an excellent geographical location and is backed by the Bangma Snow Mountain, creating its unique taste and style. Honey-scented,  sweet and smooth soup , mountain and wild rhythm, sweet and domineering taste, soothing throat rhyme, like a clear spring pouring down, deep and far-reaching. The high content of amino acids and aromatic substances, the floral fragrance and honey rhythm, blowing towards the face, is the entrance of the long-lost mountain and wild flavor tea soup, as if the whole spring is full of wild flowers in your mouth one after another blooming gradually, and the sweetness is even more The long-lost rock candy fragrance comes with the soup, the thickness is suitable, from the first bubble to the last. The soup is fragrant and rich, the tea soup is delicate and sweet, and the entrance is slightly bitter but It melts quickly, and the body is full of water.

324. Xin San Zhang Spring '21

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  • 破損や紛失がご心配な場合は、弊社にご連絡頂ければ、追加料金で保険付き郵送を手配致します。
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