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Taipanzhang village, at 1320 meters altitude, is known for its 100-year-old trees mixed in with virgin forest, renowned for bitterness and sweetness.
Compared to Banzhang's fierceness and Yiwu's softness, this tea offers a different type of high-quality tea with plenty of bitterness, sweetness, and a strong Yan Yun. It's initially rich and bitter, but reveals overwhelming sweetness after three brews.
Tasting Notes:
Laoman'e, an early settlement of the Blang people, has a long history of growing tea. With more than 3,200 mu of ancient tea gardens, this tea, known for its bitter and sweet notes, is considered a fine specimen for storage.

320. Lao Man'e Golden Jia Raw Puer ‘20

SKU: 320
Excluding JCT
  • 破損や紛失がご心配な場合は、弊社にご連絡頂ければ、追加料金で保険付き郵送を手配致します。
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