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Tong Mu Guan, known as the birthplace of black tea, became a protected National Nature Reserve in 1979, restricting access and operations to pre-existing gardens and locals from Fujian province.
Covered in mist and clouds year-round, Tong Mu Guan boasts an impressive 96% forest coverage, nurturing superb tea. This wild black tea originates from steep hillside trees, picked only once a year in spring, resulting in leaves resembling oolong in appearance.
Tasting Notes:
Delicious and complex, this tea offers aromas of peach, flowers, and milk. With aging potential, it transforms into a softer, mellow tea over several years. Brewing with purified or mountain spring water at around 90°C in a Gaiwan is recommended, with 15-second infusions adjusted to taste.

213. Wild Grown Tong Mu Guan '19

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  • 破損や紛失がご心配な場合は、弊社にご連絡頂ければ、追加料金で保険付き郵送を手配致します。
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