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Varietal: Shui Xian
Region: Wuyi Shan
Notes: This tea comes from 60-year-old bushes meticulously managed by a village dedicated to preserving Shui Xian, amidst the rising popularity of other teas in recent years. 
Tasting Notes: Upon sipping, expect to encounter the delightful combination of honey sweetness, rich brown sugar, and the earthy essence of hay, accentuated by a strong mineral undertone that adds depth and complexity to the overall flavor profile.

104. Mi Xiang old tree Shui Xian spring '21

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Excluding JCT
  • 破損や紛失がご心配な場合は、弊社にご連絡頂ければ、追加料金で保険付き郵送を手配致します。
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