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These cups are made by a dear friend of mine Tan who is from the Shangrao area. Tan is recognized as a Jiangxi Provincial Master of Arts and Crafts, an inheritor of Jingdezhen's intangible cultural heritage, and a National First-Level Craftsman with 20 years of experience with a postgraduate degree from Jingdezhen Ceramic University and serve as a dedicated educator at Jingdezhen Ceramic Vocational and Technical College.
I don’t often list artist credentials but Tan is very accomplished and deserves the recognition.
I first became aware of tans work after having walked past a shop in Jingdezhen on the way to visit my friend Wang Whose work I will be featuring soon. A large painting on porcelain hung in the shops window. I inquired and set up a meeting with Tan and the shop owner where we shared tea and after a lovely chat, agreed to buy his painting which is now hanging in our home. I have since commissioned other works from him and have always been so pleased with the results.
This series of cute and fluffy animals does not necessarily fit what else you might see in our collection but as Wu Tang Financial once advised, you must diversify your bonds.
This is only a small sampling of Tans work and what we currently have on hand. He has several other pieces and can also be commissioned to do a more customized piece.
Although these cups are fun and cute, the level of craftsmanship is extraordinarily high. Tan uses very high quality porcelain which is evident with cup in hand and you too will be extraordinarily high if you have the chance to admire his work up close. These cups are the definition of a “master cup”.

Tan Hand Painted Rabbit Cup

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