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"Sake Tetsubin (tanbin)
Material: Iron
Capacity: 750ml (about) 
The original purpose of the style of kettle was to heat sake. 
The sake would be placed in a carafe, and then placed into the iron kettle. For us tea drinkers, it will serve us just fine for preparing high quality water.
This kettle has not one, but TWO pretty sweet dragons while the rim is adorned with wispy cloud motifs. Maybe cirrus clouds?
The lid is made of wood that is coated with urushi. There is some small peeling but it is inconsequential.
There is a crack in the body near the front but it has been repaired. As with all of our pots, water has been placed in it for 24 hours to ensure that it hasn't leaked.
this pot is in pretty good condition otherwise although it could benefit from a little bit of a scrubbing.
to learn more about our policies and some more basic information about iron kettle, check the link and the pinned post at the top or visit our website and click on the FAQ.

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