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Material- Hardwood/ iron
This hand made puerh pick is made by my friend Liu. All of Liu's work are "one offs meaning that he only makes one in that exact style, making the highly collectible.
Liu seamlessly blends many different materials and somehow makes them flow into one another effortlessly. Here, Liu uses a glazed white porcelain and sandal wood with a gorgeous orange stone whose name is escaping me.  The pick is a filed down wood working chisel, coming to a sharp point menacing enough to intimidate the densest of puerh cakes. Whether it be a street fight or a manhole-like sheng beeng, break it up in style.
length 19.7cm width2.7cm
97 grams
So put down your pocket knife and that silly oyster knife and get a real man/womans puer pick.

hand made porcelain puerh pick

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