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Ruyao cups that are of any quality are hard to come by. Today what you will find are cups that have a blue or greenish crackle glaze. These results can be obtained quite easily compared to the meticulous process of creating ruyao.
Ruyao or Ru ware is made with 72 steps. In most instances this is carried out by many different people but in some cases it is carried out by one skilled crafts man. These cups are made by a Taiwanese master coming to China to produce his work. With over 40 years experience, his own master once participated in the reproduction works are the Taipei National Palace Museum. 
This series of cups is actually no longer in production making them quite collectible. They also come with a small bag. I have 6 total of which 3 i will keep for myself!
1cup is 70

1. ruyao cups

Excluding JCT
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