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These cups are made by a dear friend of mine Tan who is from the Shangrao area.
His handpainted work is extraordinarily detailed when viewed up close. He uses very high quality porcelain, that of which i would happily drink out of sans decoration. This cup is available and Tan also will take your request for commisioned work whether it be plates, bowls, gaiwan, teapots, or cups. Shoot us a message for details!
 Tan is recognized as a Jiangxi Provincial Master of Arts and Crafts, an inheritor of Jingdezhen's intangible cultural heritage, and a National First-Level Craftsman with 20 years of experience with a postgraduate degree from Jingdezhen Ceramic University and serve as a dedicated educator at Jingdezhen Ceramic Vocational and Technical College.

57 customized cup

Excluding JCT
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