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Shape: Pidgeon Spout
Capacity: 160ish?
Seal: square ZGYX Key Zhong
Spout filter: 18 hole
Clay: Zini 
I was able to collect a few pots that were found in a Tokyo warehouse in Minato ku. The owner was a man who has been involved in trade with China since 1970 and got these pots around that time. Of these pots, though all came in their original Factory 1 wrappers, three of them were never been unwrapped to the best of my knowledge and it certainly looks to be accurate. I admittedly opened one of the three which there is no hiding as wrapping them back up would take serious skill. One might even say it is origami.
The pots still have the original wax coating and have been very well preserved. I will post one pot tonight and another tomorrow. The rest will sit untouched locked away for another day.
Unsure of their capacity as i've not measured and dont intend to until there is a buyer, but these pots are almost always on the larger size. Likely 160 or bigger.


Excluding JCT
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