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Style- Bamboo Cha He
Material- Antique bamboo, yaki bamboo, soot bamboo
Finish-  Hand polished Raw Linseed oil or French Polish
Cha he or Cha ze are used to display tea leaves before using a Cha Shaku to gently push them into your teapot or Gaiwan.
These Cha he are made by me using antique bamboo that was harvested likely harvested between 50 and 200 years ago.
Each are processed differently for different results;
1.  burned to give the charred “yaki Sufi” effect.
2. spoon chiseled and or finely sanded to very high grits.
3. Naturally colored by smoke from hanging above a hearth for 50+ years.
These cha he are not only gorgeous but are one of a kind as we have limited quantity of materials to work with!
When buying a cha he, you will receive up to 50$ in free shipping!

1. Antique soot bamboo cha he

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