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Material- Urushi and hemp cloth (most likely)
This is a kyusu was created by using a "dry laquering" technique. Hemp cloth is used in conjunction with urushi laquer to form the shape. It is very strong and durable however if done improperly, can fall to pieces. 
Not only is it very rare to find a kyusu made using this technique, but an item like this tends to be expensive to make because the excess urushi and urushi is anything but cheap!
While this kyusu is the ideal size for gong fu cha and should be functional  (we have not tested it and don't intend to), it also is very collectible because of its uniqueness. I spoke with an urushi artist friend of mine who is quite accomplished who told me he had never seen anything like it before.

7. Urushi teapot

Excluding JCT
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