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Shape: Guava
Capacity: 20? ml
Seal: 6 Character JingXi
Spout filter:
Clay: Nei Zi Wai Hong
This pot is a tiny little NZWH BaLe, or Guava, shape. Small capacity pots are perfect for single leaf.
It is the ultimate way to tell the true flavor of a tea. One Leaf and a very large drop of water. It really is the perfect sized vessel for hosting a gathering of tea drinking mice or a one hitter quitter for your most precious aged teas. Marked with a standard six character JingXi Hui MengChen seal, this pot is a work horse, likely from the 80s. This is my personal pot but if you would like one, I will try to hunt one down for you!

40 Yixing

SKU: 40 Yixing
Excluding JCT
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