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Jingmai Mountain is situated in Lancang County, Pu'er City, bordered by Menghai to the east and Myanmar to the west. It experiences an average precipitation of 1800mm and remains cloudy and foggy throughout the year.
The tea trees in the ancient tea gardens of Jingmai Mountain are characterized by their older age and excellent ecological environment protection. These trees have not been artificially dwarfed, with tall, straight crowns and dense branches and leaves. Jingmai ancient tree tea grows within the virgin forest, surrounded by clouds and mist, providing a humid environment that contributes to its unique and strong aroma.
Tasting Notes:
Known for its unique "compound fragrance," Jingmai tea is aptly named "Jingmai Fragrant Concubine." The fragrance of orchids is prominent, accompanied by a strong mountain aroma. The aroma at the bottom of the cup reflects the wild charm of Jingmai's ancient trees. With a concentrated sweet and sweet taste upon entering the tea soup, this tea offers a refreshing and elegant experience. Additionally, it is noted that this tea can be steeped almost endlessly.

329. Lanxiang Ancient Rhyme ‘20

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  • 破損や紛失がご心配な場合は、弊社にご連絡頂ければ、追加料金で保険付き郵送を手配致します。
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