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This 2007 Kunming dry stored sheng puerh tea is made by Nan Qiao using Menghai material.
Produced in Kunming, the tea has undergone dry storage.
With more than 15 years of age and being tightly pressed, the aroma and quality of this tea are well-preserved, though it can be challenging to break apart.
Tasting Notes:
The tea soup is described as yellow, sweet, and very aromatic.
A tea worth buying to drink now or to save for a few years!

303. Tianfuxiang Royal Cake King Early Spring Arbor ‘07

SKU: 303
Excluding JCT
  • 破損や紛失がご心配な場合は、弊社にご連絡頂ければ、追加料金で保険付き郵送を手配致します。
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