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Shape: Shui Ping
Capacity: 70 ml
Seal: 6:4 ZGYX
Spout filter: single hole
This is a green label Zini shui ping and it is really pretty. The clay has a wonderful texture and is always a nice departure from the abundance of Hongni factory shui pings. I found this pot and other Zini to be fantastic for heavily roasted tea that need a little taming. They also work well on young sheng. on the other hand I do not necessarily like them for older Sheng or very floral yancha or dancongs.
The Green Label era of Factory 1 (1977-1982) was a time period in which pots were still being made with great quality clay. After this period, clay tampering became increasingly common - additives such as barium carbonate, manganese oxide and iron oxide were used to achieve desired textures and coloration with low regard for purity. With the decline of the state run Factory 1 and rise of private enterprise in the 90’s, further problems of forgeries, low-quality processing, production and tampered clay have persisted into the present day.

29 yixing

SKU: 29 yixing
Excluding JCT
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