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Shape: Si Ting
capacity: 115ml
Seal: Carved MengChen Tribute
filter: single hole
clay:hong ni
Inscribed on this MengChen tribute pot is the second half of a poem describing a picturesque scene. The carving reads: 清泉石上流 The clear water bubbles over the rocks.
This is one of the first pots I collected and somewhere i have a film photo of the guy i bought it from holding it and hiding his face. he didn't want to be in the photo 🤣 It came in my back pack as i fled China in the first days of Covid to Malaysia and eventually Japan. It made tea for several friends along the way and now she will do so in a new home.
I used it for yancha.

21. Yixing Siting

SKU: 21. Yixing Siting
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